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The Times Is Not The Paper Of Record When It Comes To Vajayjay
Etymology of euphemisms for genitalia is not their strong suit

Sunday Styles messed up big time. Stephanie Rosenbloom???s piece on vajayjay claimed that the word originated on Grey???s Anatomy. In fact, the expression was used six years earlier according to a commenter on Fimoculous:

MC Paul Barman song ‘MTV get off the air pt.2′ from his 2000 EP It’s Very Stimulating, in which he trades retardedly brilliant sex rhymes with Princess Superstar. Among other gems, this appears towards the end of the song: ???Lady, one more complaint/and I’ll shove a rape-whistle up the Mrs. Va-J-J.

Rape-whistle exploitation always leads to scandal.


Oct 29, 2007 · Link · 1 Reponse
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No. 1 Jerry says:

Please. I had a gay friend who used that word in the early 90’s.

Posted: Oct 30, 2007 at 6:45 am
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