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Meghan McCain More Media Savvy Then Both Parents Combined

The white sheep

Did you know there are six other McCain children besides Meghan, the camera-friendly 23-year old who blogs for daddy's campaign? (Musings and pop culture on the campaign trail? You're hired!) If you didn't, it's no biggie; Meghan long ago offered herself up as the sacrificial child in this campaign and now with a new children's book about her dad, the oldest and most vocal sibling of the McCain clan wants you to know a thing or two about personal privacy in the political arena (by talking to Meredith Viera, natch):

The good stuff gets going around 2:45, when Meghan starts talking about "family issues" and Viera brings up the point that eight years ago, McCain made a statement to the press that if Meghan ever became pregnant, it would be her decision what to do with the baby. In light of the recent Palin controversy, this of course makes a great soundbite; not that McCain changed his pro-life stance, but that Meghan was caught in the cross-fire of a national debate about her body…and she wasn't even knocked up.

And yes, this is unfair, and in a perfect world, children of politicians would be shielded until what, post-puberty? Until always? But with her brother Jimmy deployed to Iraq, what Meghan doesn't mention is that the McCain campaign needs a child in the spotlight, if only to deflect attention away from all the potential black sheep a candidate brings to the table, and reach that youth vote Obama so enjoys.

And as the prettiest and most articulate of the bunch, the choice of "official" campaign child was no more in Meghan's hands now as it was back when her dad told the world he'd let her have an abortion at 14.

Because it's not like Bristol Palin is equipped to do it.

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No. 1 · BaxterJ

I don't know if she's such a great choice — she said that no one knows war other than her family. Obviously, she misspoke, but still:

Posted: Sep 9, 2008 at 2:15 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 2 · John

Class act.

Posted: Sep 10, 2008 at 12:13 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
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