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New Soup Provides Commentary to those Ironic Sports Fans

All the Snark, Without Joel McHale

E! has banked on The Soup in its various incarnations for 17 years now, which is highly disturbing when you think that Greg Kinnear was the first host, back when he was a fresh-faced blond kid and before the wrinkles and the bad Ghost Town career choices. Of course, the show really took off after the late 90s boom in reality television, when the rise in unscripted options allowed producers to pick clips of stupid human tricks with impunity.

In its current form, host Joel McDreamyHale delights audiences by giving a nightly recap of all today's worst blunders made on TV. Most of these shows don't need to be watched to understand how ridiculous they are: A 10-second play-by-play fro McHale is quite enough. And then, before the Ritalin has time to wear off it's on to the next clip.

But with the closure of a deal between Comcast and the E! sibling network Versus, a new Soup is on its way, and it tastes a little bit like jockstraps:

Sports Soup, set to air Oct. 14th, stars comedian Matt Iseman in McHale's role as ringmaster through the world of pre-and-post game analysis, press conferences, and all the other ways ESPN found to fill up their time-slots.

Not to say that sports fans don't have a sense of humor about their poison (one needs only to look at the commercials during Super Bowl, generally the funniest and most creative of the year), but will laid-back hipster snark work as well for say, a Brett Favre press conference as it does when sniping at the newest episode of I Love Money? The jokes are not as available since the targets aren't as easy, and you're already playing the 5% rule with an audience that knows the terminology and the players in a particular area.

But Versus might very well rise to the challenge of a successful spin-off; as Aaron Sorkin found with Sports Night, everyone loves it when the nonathletic make pithy comments about professional athletes.

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No. 1 · George Wilkins

This sounds pretty cool. Surprised this type of show hasn't been done yet.

Looking forward to it.

Posted: Sep 17, 2008 at 10:20 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
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