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Over The Hills Makes Fun of Senior Citizens Who, In Fact, Don't Care

Kudos to former Maxim editor Jimmy Jellinek for inventing a press-worthy controversy that doesn't exist. Jellinek, who's helming these days, needs to promote the hell out of Over The Hills, a web series that reenacts The Hills word-for-word, but stars old folks. So far, he's already got plenty of people writing about it, but how better to extend his free publicity run than to get Rush & Molloy to claim "senior citizen watch groups are attacking" and then refuting the accusation himself, saying, "We're doing the senior community a service by making them sound hip. Grandpa Spencer drank me under the table at Les Deux, then tried to kick my a-. He's a stud. No way we're stereotyping senior citizens."

No watchdog group we could find has made any sort of statement about the series. But then again, the elderly don't know how to use computers.

Update: Jellinek writes in to say has, in fact, been receiving emails from senior citizens, but not, to our knowledge, senior citizen "watch groups." He sent us a copy of one, which we're reprinting after the jump, because, well, it's proof old people do know how to operate a keyboard!

After the jump, a quick look at Over The Hills.

A letter sent to

i clicked into you over the hill video, i am a senior citizen and i was offended by the video why do you have to stick to the stero type of seniors image in this country? it is so stagnant and dull, why not do a senior video and show them strong, not weak not stupid, i personely am bored by the young, they have nothing much n ew to s ay, don t know much of anything i am a senior, i do heavy duty exercising three times a week, i walk everywhere, suprisinly with out a walker, according to your video.

why not take a risk and do something different on seniors show their strength of their body and mind , now that would be something different and unique.

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