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PETA: 'Maria Bartiromo Confuses Glamour With Animal-Killing'

Did you think you’d heard the last of adulteress jet-setter Maria Bartiromo (a.k.a. Money Honey, a.k.a. Bank Skank, a.k.a. Erin Burnett 1.0?) Well, think again! Because the misbehaving she-anchor can apparently add animal cruelty to her repertoire of shady journalistic ethics, wild 80’s hair and husband-stealing.

Writes Page Six:

MARIA Bartiromo has People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals screeching after she posed in a $3,695 Michael Kors wool coat and gushed about its fluffy fox-fur cuffs. In More magazine’s September feature on fashionable female movers and shakers over 40, CNBC’s “Money Honey” is seen smiling seductively in a skin-tight Celine matte jersey dress and the Kors coat. She raves: “Chic, sexy clothes are the real me . . . The coat is spectacular; the fur cuffs give it just the right amount of glamour.”

All of which would be rather ho-hum if it weren’t for the amazing retort from PETA spokesman, Michael McGraw.

McGraw’s assessment?

“She looks morally bankrupt in that fur.”

And we totally agree!*

In fact, let us know if you need any help splattering Bartiromo’s favorite mink with red paint, Mike. We’ll leave the particulars up to you, though we humbly suggest that you opt for something in the “scarlet letter” family.

*Even though it’s not really Maria’s fur that makes her look morally bankrupt per se, but rather her proclivity for illicit extramarital sex with icky middle-aged banker types.

Aug 9, 2007 · Link · 2 Responses
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No. 1 Word Star says:

It’s appalling to see these “stars” still wearing fur, after they have repeatedly been made aware of the ethical problems associated with the
Chinese fur trade, where much of the fur comes from. You know, China, who gave us the contaminated dog food, toxic lead-based-painted toys, anti-freeze in toothpaste, melamine in flour, etc. They also give us fur from animals that have been skinned alive.

According to the Humane Society “Millions of dogs and cats are “processed” every year under horrendous conditions and then slaughtered for the [Chinese] fur trade” which supplies more than half of the fur garments imported for sale into the United States. Dog and cat fur is deliberately mislabeled as fur from other species so that it can be sold to unsuspecting Americans.

Everyone from Martha Stewart to Paul McCartney has denounced fur, including some of the largest clothing retailers. J. Crew, Ann Taylor (who
has 740 stores in 45 states), Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, Olan Mills, and U.K.’s most highly respected fashion chain Topshop, have all stopped selling fur after seeing the Fur Trade videos. Additionally, many stars who had previously worn fur, denounced it after seeing how it is “produced.”

This is not an issue that concerns only animal rights advocates. Anyone even thinking about wearing fur (or wool) has a moral obligation to seek out information about the “production” process and where the fur comes from. They should view the videos before falling for the advertising hype urging them to buy fur.

In January, Care For the Wild, East International, and the Swiss Animal
Protection released their findings in a Report on the Chinese Fur Industry here:

And if you have the stomach to see the common mutilation done to sheep for their wool, do a Google image search on the word “museling”. There just isn’t anything stylish or attractive about any of this.

Posted: Aug 9, 2007 at 4:26 pm
No. 2 Fur Snap: Spice Girl Hubby Guilty Over Duck Killing, Office Star Backs PETA | :: the latest in green gossip says:

[…] CNBC’s “Money Honey” anchor Maria Bartiromo has come under fire for recently enjoying a new coat with fox-fur cuffs. In her own words, ???Chic, sexy clothes are […]

Posted: Aug 13, 2007 at 11:22 am

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