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Phil Griffin's Ch-Ch-"Changes" at MSNBC
Also: Keith replacing BriWi?

NBC News very cleverly gave Phil Griffin a new job description yesterday. Previously the SVP of NBC News, Griffin has been running the day-to-day at MSNBC since 2006, following Rick Kaplan's departure. In his new role, as president of MSNBC, Griffin will be, uh, running the day-to-day at MSNBC. Indeed, nothing has really changed about his role at the cable channel. Elsewhere? Yeah, things are different.

In Griffin's previous role, he was also overseeing the Today show, technically leading the executive producer there, Jim Bell. He will no longer have that responsibility. One line of thinking suggests the move is a preemptive stab at making room for the next EP of Today, as Bell may be leaving to head NBC Sports, where its current chief, Dick Ebersol, is rumored to be leaving after this year's Olympics.

So congratulations on Griffin's "new" gig.

Perhaps 30 Rock is celebrating it by taking down Brian Williams' Nightly News billboard on the West Side Highway, which one informant says has been replaced with Keith Olbermann's mug.

Jul 17, 2008 · Link · Respond
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