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Robert De Niro's Hotel Slump the Result of Some Bad Karma

A falling star

Laura Landro published a not-quite posi review of the Robert De Niro invested hotel The Greenwich this week, calling the food "rubbery," the decor "low-key" and the staff not quite "on the ball." Oh well, what are you going to do, call up Robert De Niro and gripe about your accommodations at $1,000+ a night? If it was anyone else, maybe, but you don't want to risk you getting bumped because you griped about the calamari.

Although apparently one guy doesn't have a problem going on record for saying he's not a fan of the Taxi Driver:

John Slattery, better known as the silver-haired Roger Sterling on Mad Men isn't exactly a fan of Meet the Parents. He and his friend managed to trash both De Niro and Al Pacino in the same lunch, a remarkable feat for even the most ballsy Hollywood legends, let alone a guy whose contract is up for renegotiation soon. Too many in-character martoonis, perhaps?

Hopefully De Niro learns how to be nicer to the younger set, lest Nobu be next on the chopping block.

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