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Rum Company Wants Todd Palin Shirtless and Drunk

Todd Palin, the dog-racing husband of VP candidate Sarah Palin, isn't what most people think of when they imagine their ideal sex partner. Sure he has that awesome facial hair, and wears a lot of thick flannel, but most women these days are looking for less Fabio and more Michael Cera (right?).

But as was the case with Roto-Rooter's advertising firm that suggested the company pay for Joe the Plumber's plumbing license, Caribaya Rum is making unsolicited endorsements for a "shirtless Todd Palin to appear on the sides of buses in Washington D.C.

We say: Do it, Todd!

Full memo, after the jump:

Dear Todd:
I would like to take this opportunity to express my congratulations on being the nation's "newest hottie." We at Caribaya Rums are searching for a product supermodel to be placed on billboards and ads across the nation.
We would like to make an offer to you about representing our rum products. We at Caribaya Rums think that you would become a sex symbol to the millions of women that enjoy our product, as well as become the new face in the advertising world. Even though you live in the land of cold, we are sure that you would melt the tons of hearts that see this ad.
Celebrities and politicians provide the best exposure for product sales. Look what former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole did for Viagra. If your wife moves to Washington, you might be looking for a new job. Our ads appear on the back of every New York City bus.
Since our product comes from the tropical islands, our Madison Avenue team feels that a possible ad can have you revealing your bare chest, dressed in Hawaiian boxer shorts, surrounded by our rum.
Thank you for your anticipated review of this request. Should you accept an offer from us we know that Alaska 's "first dude" will be the most popular spouse in the world.

Martin Silver. President and CEO

Oct 23, 2008 · posted by drew · Link · Respond
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