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San Francisco Newspaper Sells Advertising By Selling Girls

It's hard out there for pimps and newspapers. Selling advertising to support the bloated infrastructures they refer to as "newsrooms" is harder than ever. But is it an excuse to pitch your ad sales execs as common trolls?

Poor Sylvie. All she wants to do is collect her commission for selling ad space in the San Francisco Sentinel, but the paper's e-blasts have her looking like, well, one of those girls in the background of a New Jersey's guy's club photo gallery on MySpace. "Call For Appointment" the ad begs. But is that in-call or out-call? And what is this "customer incentive program"? Is that a happy ending?

We're sure Sylvie is a lovely girl. But her employer is doing her no favors with this come on.

Comments (2)
No. 1 · Gabbi

Often times companies include pictures of the people working on the account in the pitch. It adds a human touch to otherwise stodgy business dealings. I don't see where it says anything like "LOOK AT OUR SEXY ACCOUNT EXEC, COME WORK WITH HER!!" Just because she happens to be female doesn't mean that the company is "pimping" her. Stop projecting.

Posted: Jan 22, 2009 at 7:56 pm · @Reply · [Flag?]
No. 2 · AngiePangie

Gabbi, it's not exactly the most professional picture they could have put in there.

Posted: Jan 23, 2009 at 11:05 am · @Reply · [Flag?]
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