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The Best Carol Burnett Gossip Always Comes From QB1

So we're all (fingers crossed) awaiting Friday Night Lights getting picked up for another to seasons by DirecTV. Luckily, "resident heartthrob" (sorry no, that would be Taylor Kitsch) Zach Gilford sat down and gossiped a little about his role as benched quarterback Matt Saracen, and his upcoming part in The Post Grad Survival Guide which stars Michael Keaton and a still-alive Carol Burnett. (Should have added her to the list.)

And Carol Burnett???s just so goofy and funny, telling these anecdotes about crashing weddings! Because no one would question her, they???d be like, ???Oh, that???s Carol Burnett! That's so exciting that Carol Burnett is here." Then they'd get a free drink, and take pictures. Then just leave. She did it for year or something, she and her friend, a few years back. She'd be like, "Oh, you know, I'm a friend of a distant aunt on the husband's side." Hilarious. It got to the point where a photographer friend of hers would come and take pictures of the wedding just to make it seem more official. She's just such a goof who loves to do things because it???s fun and ridiculous.

Haha, Carol Burnett is so much cooler than any other comedian alive today. When Owen Wilson crashes weddings it turns into a B- rom-com, when Burnett does it, it's A++.

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