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The "Real" Gossip Girl Trend Continues

How long is this Gossip Girl thing going to ride out for? Half my friends still don't know who Chuck Bass is (this is why they are my friends), and yet we're already getting bombarded by a reality show about NYC prep kids that is marketing itself as the real life Gossip Girl. And now Dove soap, which usually markets in body-friendly campaigns with an emphasis on au naturale, has decided to jump on the Blair and Serena bandwagon as well with a series of commercials aimed at the Constance Billard-loving set.

Says Nylon,

The "documercials" promote Dove's new Go Fresh Body Wash in Burst (it's orange and smells like nectarines). They'll air each week during Gossip Girl, with additional footage on Dove's website, featuring Sophomore's Chrissy Miller as the downtown fashion designer, and our own style director Dani Stahl filling the role of The It Girl, aka Serena Van Der Woodsen.

Lets forget about the shameless plug there for a moment and concentrate on this disturbing trend of "documercials." Because just when reality television couldn't involve any more product placement and GG ran out of places to put their vitamin water, now the actual commercials have to pretend to be knockoffs of the programs they're shown between? 1+1=3 comrade.

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