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The Sordid Scandal Behind Jared Paul Stern, His Wife Snoodles, and the Business Partner She Screwed

Sex, lies & videotape

JOSSIP REPORTS — How long has it been since you thought about ex-Page Six mudslinger and current UrbanDaddy blogger Jared Paul Stern and his fumbling attempts at white collar crimes? Well, Jared is back in the public eye — or we're putting him there — thanks to 1) a restraining order; 2) an arrest warrant; 3) an affair; 4) and the photo evidence to back it all up.

It all centers around a one Deane Benbenek, the co-proprietor of something called Bear Paw Hand Cleaner. Stern calls this man a "stalker"; we call him "the guy who screwed his wife and videotaped it."

Benbenek was happy to alert us to a arrest warrant from Upstate New York that's supposedly out for Stern's wife Ruth "Snoodles" Gutman, on charges of a little identity theft, computer trespassing, and fraud. [Update: Benbenek now says the warrant hasn't yet been issued, but says it's en route. We'll believe it when we see it.] It just so happens that Benbenek and Ruth started a company called Red Bear Hand Cleaner after meeting at Wilde Thymes food factory — that would be the "factory" Ian Spiegelman referred to Snoodles working in — where Benbenek was Gutman's superior. (Timeline update: This was also when Ron Burkle and Jared Paul Stern were busy suing and counter-suing each other.)

Benbenek thought they were going into business together, as co-owners. But according to him, Gutman submitted another set of paperwork to the state, naming herself as sole owner of Red Bear, and turning around to show Benbenek a different (fake) set of forms to dupe him into thinking he was on board too. She then went ahead and tried selling the Red Bear formula, according to Benbenek, intent on cutting him out of the proceeds. (He's since started his own company, Bear Paw. He says Gutman now controls Red Bear.)

And then there's the side business they had going on together. It was, claims Benbenek, of the X-rated variety.

In January 2007, Benbenek says he and Gutman began having an affair, around the time they decided to go into business together. And he offered us the photo evidence to prove it. By all accounts, it looks legit. (More on that later, perhaps.)

So we asked Stern about all of this, and so far, he's refused to answer our questions head on. In a telephone call, he repeatedly insisted Benbenek is nothing more than a "stalker." Indeed, he pointed us to the domain name he bought — — which has a copy of a restraining order filed against Benbenek. (Shown here)

All of which leaves a couple more questions: Will Gutman be arrested? Did she do those mean (criminal) things Benbenek claims? And will JPS and Snoodles survive this latest round of turmoil?

Update: Stern, speaking on the record, tells us "no," there was never an affair between his wife and Benbenek. Though when asked if there was any photo or video evidence of the affair, he says he would "have to see" the material before commenting. When we pointed out that there couldn't be any photo or video evidence of the affair if, as he says, there was no affair, he replied "no," there was not any evidence of such an affair.

Update 2: The photos are here.

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No. 1 · james kaye

hes a geek women over all like wild men i dont care what there persona is they all like it wild & rough at least oncce ina whle the geeky broads are the ones you gotta watch out 4 they scare me the most
most preppy broads i know will do a 3 some any time

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