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Nobody Puts Horacio Silva in a Corner, Not Even Tom Ford

Horacio Silva is a bald and beautiful man. But he is not a happy man. Nor an impressed man. The T:Style magazine fashion chief stopped in at Tom Ford’s much-buzzed-about men’s store, only to find that the service and customer focus that Ford proclaims to care foremost about was somewhere between lacking and non-existent.

So what if the day shirts offer some 400,000 customization possibilities? You don’t tell the man capable of squashing your buzz that the upstairs room is by appointment only.

Service, the importance of which Mr. Ford has stressed in recent interviews ??? he apparently melted at the sight of his butler using a Bunsen burner to warm shoeshine wax ??? is therefore crucial to the success of the store.

Odd, then, that I was offered no assistance. Left to my own devices, I wandered in and quickly out of the octagonal perfume chamber devoted to scents like Velvet Gardenia and Noir de Noir ($165 to $450), which smell surprisingly more masculine than they sound.

Unimpressed by the selection of mostly cashmere-silk-blend sweaters and overpriced shoes ($1,390 for a pair of Chelsea boots; add another zero for crocodile), I decided to venture upstairs, where a lot of the most interesting accessories ??? limited-edition sunglasses and slick tie bars ??? had been on display at the party.

???Sir, this area is for appointments only,??? said the security guard at the base of the stairs. I told him that I wanted to arrange a time for a fitting; he told me he did not know to whom to direct me. When I suggested he try the store manager, he replied, ???Let me see if he has the time for you.???

Turns out, the Tom Ford store did end up having the time for Horacio — only after he made an appointment in his own name, and wrote “New York Times” in a 24 point scrawl.

(Photo: New York)

May 7, 2007 · Link · 1 Reponse
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No. 1 Tom Ford Unhappy About Getting Bashed in the Times / Jossip says:

[…] month, T:Style magazine fashion director Horacio Silva lent his byline to the Times proper — to write a mostly scathing review of Tom Ford’s new store on Madison Avenue. Now in his New York mag egofest, Ford responds to […]

Posted: May 21, 2007 at 3:46 pm
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