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What To Do When the Purpose of Your TV Show is Voted Out of Office
Pack it up and shut it down

Say what you will for David Letterman's tough-as-nails policy towards Senator McCain this election. The buck-toothed avenger would be sorry to see old Acorn cheeks not make it into the White House. Why?

Because like we mentioned yesterday about the Matt Drudge getting a boost from an Obamanation (ooh, that could even be his new website title!), late night talk shows make Republicans their bread and butter. During a recent survey, there were seven times more Republican jokes than Democratic ones on late night television.

Sorry, joking about our future hope for pulling the country out of the spiraling economic depression it's in is not funny. But making fun of Sarah Palin and her ridiculous lifestyle is!

But what if it's not about the specifics of who the candidates are, but rather, who the current administration is? If you're going to be an "edgy" late night host, you have to go against the popular opinion sometimes, and that means picking on the current administration. Which is bad news for some of our favorite late night programs.

Bill O'Reilly, Matt Drudge, Limbaugh and other conservative stars rose to power during the eight years of the Clinton administration. Over the past eight years of Republican rule, such entertainers as Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert and Al Franken were able to make the jump to the big time on the backs of White House blunders.

That means if Obama converts his lead in the polls to a victory, the next four years could bring these stars back to earth and vault others into the stratosphere.

"The people who have the most trouble will be people like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert," one network late-night producer said. "It's very hard to rail against the machine when you helped support the machine. They're going to have to find a different dynamic."

Railing against the opposition always makes for good entertainment. So if all goes according to plan, the next four years are going to see a rise in films like An American Carol and biting political comedy from Larry the Cable Guy and this lady.

Great, can't wait.

Oct 31, 2008 · posted by drew · Link · 3 Responses
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Comments (3)
No. 1 Doctor Girlfriend says:

I would miss this kind of thing:

Posted: Oct 31, 2008 at 12:17 pm
No. 2 drew says:

@Doctor Girlfriend: Your name was going to be my Halloween costume this year :-)

Posted: Oct 31, 2008 at 12:25 pm
No. 3 jonnyhairdont says:

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but couldn't you say this about the end of any era? Weren't comedy shows pretty sorry to see Clinton go? They did know that they had the imminently mockable W coming in, so there was solace there. I bet we'll have a ton of laughs at Biden's expense in the next 4 to 8 years. He's an odd duck. There will be no laughing at Obama. And laughing with him will be an at-your-own-risk activity. Like Chuck Norris.

Posted: Oct 31, 2008 at 6:09 pm
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